Castello di Milan, Italy Offers Much for Create Abundance Movement

Golden Touch is an amazing association that teaches members how to meditate and how to create abundance in personal and professional areas of their lives. It’s sad to see people suffering from lack in their lives. Whether it’s financial or relationships, the universe has so much bounty. Life exists all around us. These are the words of Zhang Xinyue, a Chinese author and instructor who teaches people how to connect with the universe’s positive energy.

Things can start to shift in our lives once we realize the power of connecting with the cosmic sea. Humans can evolve, grow, overcome challenges, and recover from even the worst events.

Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch is a well-known teacher who works with members who are ready to learn about these important concepts. Every year, she and her staff plan incredible vacations in foreign locations such as Milan, Italy. The group recently went on a tour to Castello di Milan, an ancient castle with a lot of history.

People are joyful to hear Xinyue and her team as they teach about meditating and creating abundance. She offers helpful information about the earth’s energy vortexes. She explains how we are all connected at a cellular level and all part of the Cosmic Sea.

Of course, Milan is also recognized as a Fashion Capital of the world and has been for a long time. The best designers from all over the world come here each year to show off their latest creations. Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch believes that it’s no coincidence that this area is so famous and popular. She reminds us that, “Meditating or simply vacationing in such a region can be highly beneficial. We invite you to come.”