Eight Tips to Follow On Your Spa Day

Nothing can help you relax more than a day at the spa. However, the right massage is key to helping you get what your body needs and to cater to your personal preferences. Here are eight essential tips to follow on your spa day.

Watch what you eat – Heavy meals, alcohol and copious amounts of caffeine will make you feel uncomfortable during and after a massage.

Go light – Look at consuming something light like a sandwich and a piece of fruit before your spa treatment, to bring up your blood sugar levels before your treatment.

Clean up – A warm shower before your treatment means that you are clean for your massages as well as the hot water will open your muscles. Some spas offer table shower massages that clean and warm up your muscles between treatments.

Stretch it out – Light stretching can help you warm up your muscles even further and help you avoid injury after your massage.

Get comfortable – If you are not comfortable with fully undressing, undress to the level you are comfortable and let your therapist know your preferences.

Speak your mind – Let your therapist know what you are expecting from the massage before you begin. If you have any injuries or allergies, it is best to let your therapist know before you book your appointment.

Take it easy – After your done at the spa, avoid doing anything too strenuous as it can make you feel light headed.

Be open-minded – Keeping an open mind during the procedure is key to ensuring you enjoy your treatment. So remember to relax and keep your mind clear of unnecessary thoughts.