How foam cushions can improve your health

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Our bodies weren’t designed to sit in the same position for half a day. We were made to be active, mobile, engaged human beings. Unfortunately, due to the nature of work in the 21st century, most of our jobs require us to sit at a desk for long periods of time. This can lead to some unexpected health problems if we’re not careful.

According to a graphic from The Washington Post, sitting for extended periods of time can lead to issues such as stiff hips, poor circulation, and back problems. Since we can’t often avoid so much sitting, we need a convenient, practical solution that will reduce the stress of sitting on our bodies. One solution that has worked for many people is using foam cushions.

Due to their malleable nature, foam cushions are more comfortable and better at conforming to your body’s shape. This also means they put less pressure on your back and lower body, alleviating the pain that comes from sitting on a firm surface for so long. Foam cushions can also improve circulation, since the pressure on your body from sitting on firm chairs can squeeze blood vessels, reducing blood flow. Having a flexible cushion that can still support your weight eliminates these issues while allowing you to continue working.

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