How New Laws Are Giving Consumers New Options for Purchasing Contact Lenses

Summary: New laws have been put into place to protect consumer rights and provide them with options.

When visiting your eye doctor, you will be required to sign for your prescription. While this might seem a bit unnecessary, there are valid and legal reasons why this is a mandatory step when ordering new contact lenses from either a retailer or an online supplier like for example.

Protecting the Customers

When you get your prescription updated, you likely have an optometrist that you routinely go to. In the past, if you decide to go elsewhere for your prescription after getting your eyes tested, they could refuse to give you your prescription. Since you must have an official prescription that is recent, it is up to the new optometrist to honor it.

Laws were specifically put into place that required patients to sign a notice to confirm that they had been given their prescriptions. These laws were established to protect you and other customers from wrongful behavior from the eye doctor.

How Does This Affect You?

You might be wondering how these laws actually affect you. Because eye doctors must receive your signature prior to giving you your prescription, you can shop around with the freedom of knowing that your prescription will be accepted at any location, even online. If you want to purchase new Biofinity Energys via an online contact lens supplier, you can simply verify your prescription and have the order processed in minutes.

Although you have the freedom to purchase prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses wherever you please, it is important that you buy from a trusted retailer that is in good standings with the community. Doing so can save you from being scammed.