Why all seat cushions will need to be replaced

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

No matter what material it is made from, there will come a time in a seat cushion’s lifespan when it needs to be replaced. The ideal seat cushion is comfortable while supporting your weight and promoting good posture and body alignment. Many cushions may have been effective at providing support and comfort at first, but over time, cushion filling starts to break down, making the cushions lumpy and misshapen.

This happens earlier with down-filled cushions since down is a very soft material, which makes it easily flattened. Owners of down cushions are familiar with the need to “fluff” their cushions regularly to help them retain their shape and firmness. Polyester and foam cushions tend to last fairly long, but eventually, they break down as well. Age and constant pressure being applied to them make these cushions lose their ability to support weight, which causes them to flatten and lose their shape. When cushion filling starts to break down, it will likely never be able to return to its original shape.

If your cushions have degraded to the point of being uncomfortable, it is a good sign you may need to change or replace your cushion filling. Fortunately, companies such as The Foam Factory allow you to purchase cushion filling that is custom cut into the shape and size you need to fit your seat cushions. You can specify your cushions’ measurements after choosing a pre-made shape, or you can contact the company directly to have a custom shape cut for you.