Stress: a contributing factor in causing acne

It is a well-known fact that owing to our hectic lifestyles, stress has become an inevitable part of it. However, the effects of stress are not limited to our mind our health. Danie’s Beauty Salon considers that stress could be one of the most common causes of skin acne.

A growing number of women have complained of acne problems. During acne treatment, these women are recommended by their doctors to reduce stress from their life and meditate and relax. The reason for acne due to stress is the production of oil. Stress causes your body to make hormones such as cortisol, which tells glands in your skin to produce more oil.

When we’re stressed, our adrenal glands, which are responsible for regulating stress, go in active mode. These adrenal glands stimulate the sebaceous glands, leading to more oil production. In short, stress causes an increase in cortisol production, resulting in inflamed skin, acne and dark under-eye circles.

If your skin is already oily, then stress will only produce more oil, leading to clogged pores, bacteria, and breakouts. This makes the collagen hard, thus causing wrinkles. Chronic stress results in reduced the skin barrier function. As a result, the skin can get more irritated by products and other environmental factors.

Make sure that you include daily meditation, yoga or regular exercise in your daily routine. Otherwise you can book an appointment at Beauty Salons in Glendale, CA, to treat yourself to a relaxing and de-stressing facial.