Tips From A Professional Orthodontist About Getting A Healthy Smile

Article by Remarkable Smiles

Your confidence might be increased, and you can feel better about your appearance if you have a dazzling smile and healthy teeth and gums. People with crooked or missing teeth may try to hide their smiles because they feel uncomfortable speaking up. There are several choices for every problem because of today’s current breakthroughs in dentistry. Your nutrition, like your general health, is one of the critical factors that can support or undermine good teeth and gums.

Should I Get Braces?

Braces can fix your teeth in several ways, including gaps between the teeth. Some people are concerned that they may be able to endure the pain associated with conventional metal braces. Invisalign is a fantastic option for these. It is convenient and cozy to wear. It hardly registers. The main drawback is that it costs a little more than metal braces.

Tips for Healthy Teeth

Are you aware that strawberries have a natural bleach-like enzyme? Apples and carrots are two examples of crunchy foods that might help you maintain white teeth. You can prevent your teeth from staining as quickly by eating broccoli. Your teeth can become stained by any meal or beverage that might stain your clothes.

Dr. Mark Rashidi and the Remarkable Smiles team can assist you in getting a healthy smile. He is an Irvin Orthodontist and does treatment in Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills, and other areas. Dr. Mark has extensive expertise using various braces, including ceramic, traditional metal, and Invisalign.