3 Home Remedies that Actually Work

Despite the lack of scientific proof when home remedies were the order of the day, it’s been understood that your grandmother clearly knew what she was doing.

If you weren’t so sure, it’s been validated that some home remedies, ranging from headaches to a sore throat and even hiccups, definitely work.

So, let’s look at 3 home remedies that will work for specific ailments:

#1: Motion sickness

Among the options available, olives along with ginger might work well for motion sickness. The latter, while being effective, is very strong. If you want to prepare tea, then all you have to do is cut ginger into small pieces and put it in hot water for 30 seconds and more. You can also use peppermint and black horehound that are also traditional remedies as well.

#2: Bad breath

Probably the most effective item for bad breath is yoghurt but not of the sweetened variety. What you must do is use traditionally fermented yoghurt which is made from raw milk and no sugar or even other fermented foods such as natto or tempeh. But without question, probiotics is the solution for bad breath.

#3: Headache

There are several reasons why headaches occur since there are so many types. One must be careful to identify the type of headache first before seeking a remedy. In fact, sometimes general headaches usually occur due to the consumption of products such as wheat, sugar, grains, preservatives and artificial sweeteners. If you want immediate relief, the Emotional Freedom Technique as well as intravenous magnesium can get the job done as quickly as possible.

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