3 Natural Remedies to Lower Blood Pressure

coconutStudies have revealed that high blood pressure no longer affects only the elderly but also youngsters between the ages of 16 and 34.

Worse still, the conclusion drawn by these studies is that if left untreated, this could lead to premature aging and even brain damage.

While blood pressure might be the conventional approach, natural remedies are just as effective. So, here are 3 natural remedies that lower blood pressure quickly:

#1: Coconut Water
In being rich with potassium, electrolytes and so and so on and so forth, studies as published in the West Indian Medical Journal have shown that 71 percent of its participants achieved a substantial amount of systolic pressure while 29 percent achieved the same with diastolic pressure. In fact, these results were even more pronounced when participants drank coconut water with mauby, a drink made from the buckthorn tree bark.

#2: Turmeric
Modern science is just beginning to discover the several benefits that are offered by the herb known as curcumin but commonly referred to as turmeric. Since its primary benefit involves reducing inflammation, this herb eliminates the main cause of high cholesterol and rising blood pressure levels. In being able to reduce inflammation, this herb also aids in the improvement of cardiovascular function while also ensuring better blood flow.

When taken with non-irradiated black pepper, it is twice as effective in clearing the build up that often is the reason why people suffer from high blood pressure.

#3: Raw Almonds
Just a handful of almonds are good enough to keep your blood pressure levels under control. Considered to be an integral part of the DASH diet, almonds have been proven to not only lower cholesterol levels but also arterial inflammation, leading to normal blood pressure levels.

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