5 Home Remedies To Soothe Your Baby’s Teething Problems

A baby’s first tooth usually appear during the fifth or sixth month while the last one when they are two and a half years.

It is during this time that teething problems take place and while they might not trouble some babies, it can get very uncomfortable for others.

So, if this is what you baby is experiencing, here are 5 home remedies for teething problems that will help you:

#1: Breastfeeding

It has been found that skin to skin contact and breastfeeding relieves teething pain. It’s also during this time that babies want to nurse more, which has its benefits in aligning a baby’s teeth accurately while also preventing malocclusion.

#2: Vanilla Essence

Vanilla has soothing properties that can relieve teething pain but also deal with an upset tummy too. All you have to do is rub the liquid on the gums in order to apply counter pressure.

#3: Ice

Another way to deal with teething is to use ice to cool and anaesthetise the gums. Gently rub the ice on gums, use chamomile tea, mother’s milk or even a popsicle made of fruit.

#4: Pressure

A simple way to relieve the gums of pain is to use a clean finger so as to press them and which will temporarily rid one of any discomfort or pain.

#5: Cloves

Cloves are considered to be a potent painkiller for toothache. However, in the case of a baby, it is a good idea to dilute clove oil in another carrier oil such as olive oil and then apply it on their gums.

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