A Look At Gout Natural Remedies

A Look At Gout Natural Remedies

Article by Meredith Walker

Gout is a form of arthritis that is caused by high levels of uric acid in the blood. The uric acid crystallizes and collects in the joints and surrounding tissue, causing damage to the bones and tissue that results in inflammation and pain.

Gout is usually treated in two steps: first, the arthritis symptoms are dealt with, so that the individual can live without pain. Next, lifestyle and diet changes designed to lower the levels of uric acid are implemented in order to prevent the recurrence of arthritis attacks.

Conventional medicine can treat both using drugs and medications, though even conventional medicine prefers more natural methods for the lowering of uric acid levels. Gout natural remedies may also be used in both steps instead of conventional drugs, which greatly reduces the risk of harmful side-effects.

The following gout natural remedies are useful in the treatment of arthritis attacks caused by high uric acid levels:

Massage: this is the most basic natural remedy for gout pain. Massaging affected joints can help reduce the pain. Massage can also become more effective when using liniments and oils designed to help relieve the pain. Apple cider vinegar, cayenne powder in wintergreen oil, or even wintergreen oil alone can be helpful in this regard.

Herbal remedies: various herbal remedies are effective in pain relief. Blueberries and cherries can be effective, as well as garlic and ginger. The first two may be consumed as fruit or juice, while the latter two are usually consumed in teas. In addition to these more common herbal remedies, black cohash and devil’s claw are two of the more commonly used herbal remedies for gout.

Ice packs, or warm towels: applying something cool or something warm can also provide relief from arthritis pain. Usually, individuals will prefer just one or the other, with some cases where one of the two can actually cause more discomfort than relief.

Lowering uric acid levels follows the treatment of the pain. Gout natural remedies and conventional medicine prefer to do this through natural means by changes in diet and lifestyle. Examples of such changes include reduction of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine consumption, as well as reduction of red meat. Generally speaking, a healthy diet is one that will help lower uric acid levels.

Aside from diet, one of the simplest gout natural remedies is to drink adequate amounts of water. This will allow the body to better remove excess uric acid, which will prevent the formation of crystals.

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