A Study on Canine Distemper And Places for Natural Remedy For Dogs

A Study on Canine Distemper And Places for Natural Remedy For Dogs

Article by Cindy Heller

Today, there are many places provide natural remedy services for dogs and offers a less conventional form of treatment for illness or injury. The reasons why using Nature’s herbs for pets:

– Majority of the remedies product have all been tested by Veterinarians.

– Usually the nature remedies are specifically formulated for cats or dogs

– The herbs that uses are safe plants and botanical extracts as proven by more than 2,000 years of clinical experience, continuing research and development.

Canine Distemper Is A Airborne Disease

Canine distemper is an extremely serious viral disease and highly contagious, it occurs in dogs, foxes, wolves, coyotes and other wild canids, like raccoons, skunks and ferrets. Canine Distemper is an airborne virus, which affects the gastrointestinal, respiratory and central nervous system of the canine animal. Puppies from 3 to 6 months and elderly animals are particularly at risk.

A Look On Conventional Treatment For Canine Distemper

From experience and pass record, it has shown that Canine Distemper is a highly contagious and serious illness. According to conventional vet treatment, about fifty percent of dogs that contract it will die. Those that survive and escape from this diseases will also suffer from the side effect, and left with debilitating conditions like seizure disorders, permanent digestive problems, neurological problems, deformities of the paw pads, etc. According to conventional veterinarian science, Canine Distemper ‘cannot be cured’ and conventional treatment is supportive only.

The cases of this serious disease have reduced since after using the vaccination programs against Canine Distemper on Dogs and canine. However, holistic veterinarians point out that there are serious concerns about the wisdom of routine vaccination and its long term effect on the health of dogs or canines.

Using Natural remedy For Canine Distemper

The Homeopathic veterinarians have managed to treat Canine Distemper far more successfully as compare to use their allopathic counterparts. By using the Distemperinum in homeopathic potency, both immunizations of dogs as well as the recovery rates in infected dogs has proved to be highly successful.

There is a wealth of evidence that this is the case and one can only wonder why allopathic veterinarians are not making use of and being trained in the use of homeopathic medicine for their patients.

Dr Horace B.F. Jervis, a veterinarian, who has published a monograph in 1929 called ‘Treatment of Canine Distemper with the Potentized Virus’. He is the pioneer person who using the Distemperinum for Canine Distemper treatment. In his book, he reported his frustration over many failed attempts at treating Canine Distemper during years of conventional treatment in a veterinarian clinic. This make him moved away from conventional vet treatment and science and to begin treating the infected animals using the principles of homeopathic medicine. Since after he commencing the use of this product the death rate in distemper ward has been decreased, and he has really for the first time in his years of practice felt a sort of load being lifted from his shoulders.Similarly, for Dr Dorothy Shepherd, in her book, named “Homeopathy in Epidemic Diseases”, she said she has no hesitation in stating that from her own experience and observation, the homeopathic preventives are much safer in use, and absolutely certain in their effects. Even should the infectious, serious disease develop, it will be in a much milder form”

Where Can We Find A Place For Natural Remedy For Dogs?

One of these places you can find online is Only Natural Pet Store. This store is specially providing a natural remedy for animals, and they have products available for practically every possible ailment, including immune support, anxiety and stress, and emotional problems.

Woodland Natural Remedies shopThis is a popular place offer books and natural remedies for People, Pets, and Livestock. This shop also offers products to teat various ailments, like pregnancy, immune problems, kidney problems, liver problems, respiratory problems, prostate problems, thyroid problems and worms.

Dogs WorldwideThis shop offer products for such issues as arthritis, aggressiveness, allergies, nervousness, and various forms of nutrition.

DogsBreakfast.caAt this shop, you can safely treat your pets for simple problems like travel sickness, diarrhea, constipation, parasites, nervousness, dental conditions, digestive and urinary problems, bad breath, and sometimes more complex problems such as arthritis, allergies, respiratory conditions and eye disorders with Nature Remedies for Pets.

Natural Pet RemedyThis shop is pleased to provide you with an extensive selection of natural herbal remedies for your pet. Their natural treatments offer an alternative to conventional or traditional pharmaceutical medicine for your pet’s health care. They also offer products for ailments such as: arthritis, kidney and urinary support, joint relief, liver boost, senior vitality, stress soother, worms, and skin problems.

There are many different shops available where you can find natural remedies for not only dogs or cats but a variety of other animals as well, and informing yourself on the available options is the first step. You need to learn and know the benefits of nature remedies before you can gain confident to use them for your pet.

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