Acid Reflux and its Natural Remedies

Acid Reflux and its Natural Remedies

Article by Orlando Daniels

Are you experiencing painful burning sensation, Dyspepsia, nauseous and chest pain every after eating and activities? For some, having acid reflux can make their day worst.

It must be Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) it is an acid content of the stomach that washes back up to the esophagus. When this happens there would be damage on your esophagus.

Acid reflux can be prevented by avoiding the foods that can trigger the reflux like, alcohol ingestion, excessive smoking, and eating spicy and acidic foods.

For some they wanted to buy antacid medication to lessen the pain or worst they spend money just to cure the acid reflux. Why worry too much when you can find these natural remedies for acid reflux on your home.

By continuing reading this article I will give you some tips why you will choose home remedies for acid reflux rather than over the counter medications:

The reason why you should change your antacid prescription to a natural remedy for acid reflux is to avoid side effects of the drugs that can lead to further pain and regurgitation. And put in mind that antacid available in over the counter is not always the solution to your reflux.

And using home remedies for acid reflux it is tested and proven that it can be effectively to heal the reflux without any side effects. There are simple measures and natural remedies for acid reflux to prevent recurring of symptoms.* Eating habit should be pattern in time to prevent more production of acid

* Eating a fresh papaya together with your meals can help to digest protein

* One of the greatest herbs that can free you from reflux is the ginger. A ginger can be very helpful for people who experience heartburn by settling the stomach and preventing nauseous

Get a raw potato on your kitchen and make a juice out of it and do not peel off the potato. It is said that potato are alkaline based and it’s good drink potato juice to lessen the acidity of the stomach

* Avoid eating food that can trigger your reflux such as coffee, fatty foods and spicy food

* If you are overweight try to lose weight

* And when laying down make the head part elevated.

There are a lot of alternatives that prevent the secretions of stomach acid why venture to over the counter medications when you can use home remedies for acid reflux.

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