Anxiety Natural Remedies

Anxiety Natural Remedies

Article by Jaz Lee

Through my own torture I like to call it sometimes it is unbearable some days to even contemplate on leaving the house, going to work or even just attempting to walk to the local shop. All of these seem too much hard work and the inner feelings which seem to elevate into more of a panic scenario which most of the time is very hard to control without any help or guidance. It is quite interesting looking at anxiety definitions to determine how that fits in to the way you are feeling at the moment, but the main objective for us all is to get out of this and resume our normal life or in fact leading a normal life knowing that it can be defeated. Well that is my hope through a lot of reading on how to deal with this.

There are anxiety support groups which can be attended which for some is a very daunting experience especially with a group of people as social anxiety also affects us. This works for a few, so its finding alternative means to enjoy our life.

One way is definitely talking to someone professional about it as they will understand the problems and grief and help you to understand the elements of the anxiety chest pains and heart palpitations which can happen quite often but dare I say it is nothing to panic about, hard at the time I know but anxiety affects millions of people and research is still ongoing which is another article which will be written in the future on the developments of a permanent cure.

The first step in regaining control in an attack is to learn to breathe correctly. When someone has a panic attack, frequently they become so distressed that they simply forget to breathe.

Most doctors recommend breathing exercises in order to help calm down someone who is experiencing an attack. If you think an attack is imminent take control of your breathing. Breathe from the tummy not the chest and consciously try to extend the outward breath, by counting if necessary.

To be most effective, you ought to know and apply your breathing drill before an attack builds up. Have a plan-learn calming breathing techniques and practice at least twice every day.

Additional relaxing techniques might also help you to avoid or at least lessen the severity of a panic attack. Naturally, you might find it hard to think about meditation whilst you’re experiencing a panic attack, but by acquiring the ability to meditate, you will be able to apply some of the same quietening ways that assist you to meditate in order to help you calm down.

These are all natural remedies which you can try and practice as it does take time, but relaxation and breathing is the key and read more on the subject as once you have developed an understanding of anxiety then you can conquer it.

About the Author

My name is Jaz Lee and I also suffer from anxiety and panic and simply would like to share my thoughts with people who are also in the same situation. I do a lot of reading and writing on self help projects to help in my own life but also could help others. At the moment I am reading The Anxiety Cure which you definitely would find useful as it has loads more Anxiety Natural Remedies.

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