Best Treatment For Eczema – Are Natural Remedies for Eczema Worth Considering?

Best Treatment For Eczema – Are Natural Remedies for Eczema Worth Considering?

Article by Jim Rees

As an eczema sufferer, are you constantly trying to find that best treatment for eczema? You have no doubt tried some if not many different prescribed or over the counter products, which will have brought relief, but only temporary relief. So the cost of treating your eczema continues to mount up. Have you ever calculated how much you have actually spent to date?

Perhaps now is the time to consider the many natural ways there are to combat eczema. Don’t let the term “natural remedies” put you off, because natural remedies are rapidly becoming the preferred treatment for many conditions, because they are cheaper but more importantly … THEY WORK.

They also have a very important advantage over drug based medications in that they do not produce any adverse, potentially harmful side effects that many drugs are known to cause.

Fortunately for you, there are many totally natural remedies, that have proven to give equal if not more effective relief from eczema than those conventional creams and potions. There are too many to list in a short article, so here are five simple examples of totally natural ways to treat your eczema, which are easily applied and will definitely help you.

• Diet – Most people’s diet contains a certain amount of acid but research has showed that acid can be very bad for eczema. The obvious thing to do is to cut down on acid containing foods but this can often be quite difficult. So, an additional measure is to take some form of kelp supplement. Kelp has an extremely high alkali content, which will help to balance and neutralize the acidic content of your food.

• Vitamin E – Vitamin E is excellent when applied to those areas affected with eczema, as it is particularly effective in reducing the itching, so you have less need to scratch the affected areas. Always try to use natural vitamin E as it is much more effective than the synthetic type.

• Blueberry Extract – Blueberry extract is readily available at most local health stores. Blueberry leaves contain a natural acid which has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Regular applications will produce that much needed long-term relief.

• Regular Moisturising – Moisturising is a particularly important factor in controlling eczema, so it is amazing that many sufferers simply don’t bother with it at all. By following a regime where you moisturize twice a day, preferably after taking a bath or shower, you will really reduce the effects of your eczema. Applying the moisturiser while the skin is still damp, will help seal the moisture inside and make your skin more supple. It will then be far less likely to crack and itch than when your skin is dry and flaky.

• Drink Water – Drinking plenty of water is fundamental to any natural treatment, as so many of the body’s functions rely on it. So, drinking about 2 litres of water a day will not only flush out toxins, aid digestion and keep your joints supple but will hydrate your skin, essential for combating eczema.

If these five natural remedies seem worth trying then go ahead and try them. Even better, do some on-line research and you will discover that there are some specially developed programs of totally natural treatment that, it is claimed, will actually cure your eczema for good. Surely that must be the best treatment for eczema and certainly worth further investigation. What do you have to lose, except your dry, red, flaky, itchy skin?

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