Can leptin help you to lose weight?

Leptin has been dubbed as the “fat hormone” or the “obesity hormone.” Discovered in 1994, everyone hailed it as the blockbuster weight loss miracle. Leptin is made in fat cells, and circulate in the blood stream including the brain. When leptin levels reach a threshold, it sends a signal to the brain to stop eating. It doesn’t stop there. It tells the brain when to stop exercising and other activities too. This is how leptin helps to lose weight and Cellan Diet contains leptin.

One of the main ingredients in Cellan Diet is leptin rich inner parts of African Mango. Native to the West African region, natives have been using African Mango for many centuries in their cooking as a thickening agent. Unknown at the time is the effect of leptin as an appetite control agent. In addition to African Mango, Cellan Diet contains 100 green tea extract which is known to contain EGCG. This is another element that helps to lose weight, fight obesity, improve metabolism and overall body functions. Together with other ingredients including Vitamins and an exclusive berry blend, Cellan Diet works well to lose weight. Watch a YouTube video at to obtain additional information about the Cellan Diet.

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