Discover Acne Natural Remedies

Discover Acne Natural Remedies

Article by Don McRandall

The range of acne natural remedies to choose from is remarkable. There are hundreds of options, including herbal remedies, dietary supplements and of course some dubious procedural therapies. We suggest that you consult your pharmacist or health practitioner for well-informed guidance. They may well produce even more alternatives, but at least you may receive some useful advice alongside them. In this article we attempt to outline the most popular acne natural remedies and treatments.

Just because something is old does not necessarily meant that it is good. Many acne natural remedies have been in use for a very long time, yet there is little or no clinical evidence in support of them. The best that one can do is to examine the anecdotal evidence. This does however leave the consumer at risk of wasting time, energy and of course money on unproven, over-priced and ineffective quackery.

Keep It Cheap

What’s the best way to avoid the scams? Simply avoid all the expensive acne natural remedies, period. It’s the same with every illness and affliction. There’s always going to be an overpriced herbal remedy available, pretending to be a magical cure for the gullible (and possibly desperate) patient. Some so-called remedies are risible and have no prospect of proving their worth – notably all of those products described as homeopathic.

For the discerning consumer, there are hundreds of inexpensive acne natural remedies to try. Many of them are prepared commercially and sold over-the-counter by retailers. Others are easy to prepare yourself at home, and frequently the raw materials will already be to hand.What natural ingredients are included in acne natural remedies? A surprising range, including rose water, mint juice, lemon, orange and lime juice. One of our favourites is that excellent stalwart, olive oil. Olive oil is useful as a skin cleanser and it is also useful as a moisturiser to help improve the appearance of acne scarring, which tends to reduce the skin’s elasticity.

The Empty Promise Of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the so-called treatment in which the active ingredients are diluted so much that none of the original chemicals are actually present in the final product at all. Proponents make entirely false claims that these products have a useful clinical effect. They don’t. They may have a small placebo effect, but that really is the limit of it. This means that the patient believes that the product is effective and consequently seeks out specious evidence in support of that belief. The placebo effect may have some value in treating conditions such as headaches, backaches, mild depression and so on. Unless the patient happens to be delusional, it is completely useless when attempting to deal with an observable dermatological condition.

Homeopathy is certainly not unique in making specious claims and extracting money from ill-informed patients. There’s lots of competition and another major culprit is the ancient practice of acupuncture.

Acupuncture, The Ancient Scam In A Modern World

Rooted deep in ancient traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is a well-known alternative therapy. Its principles are based upon the stimulation of selected locations on the body through the insertion of fine needles, or sometimes merely by the application of direct pressure.

The locations are known as acupuncture points and they lie along supposed channels called meridians. It is asserted that the body’s energy, called chi, flows along the meridians. None of these concepts of chi, meridians and acupuncture points have any physical evidence for their existence at all.

Acupuncture proponents claim that it is able to help acne sufferers overcome the disorder. They say the same for almost every other ailment, too. Acupuncture’s credibility lies not in the clinically verifiable domain of modern medicine but instead draws heavily upon its antiquity and mystique. Every aspect of acupuncture is of dubious merit. For example consider the irrational selection of acupuncture points in the arms, hands, legs and feet in order to target bodily organs such as the liver, stomach, heart and lungs.

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