Discover Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids with Hemorrhoid No More

Discover Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids with Hemorrhoid No More

Article by C. A. Perez

With all the over the counter products available like creams and salves and surgery, why would I consider natural remedies for hemorrhoids?

In this short article, we will go over some of the reasons you should consider natural remedies for hemorrhoids, and why I decided that surgery was not for me. We will look at some suggestions for naturally curing hemorrhoids. Finally, we will see why natural remedies are best for your body.


Constipation and hemorrhoids are bedfellows. The simple neglect of not going to the bathroom when our bodies require it invites constipation that often results in undue pressure on our rectum resulting in hemorrhoids.

Water is a major factor in helping the natural and easy elimination of your bowels. Drink plenty of water. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in our daily diet aids the process.

Good elimination is best maintained by a daily diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Blueberries, strawberries, peaches and bananas are all natural laxatives. Cucumbers and avocados are also natural laxatives that will naturally cleanse your body without strain and stress on the veins in the anal and rectal areas.


You probably know this, but it is important for proper and natural elimination that we exercise. Exercise gives the body the oxygen and movement necessary for stressless elimination.

As simple an activity as walking daily will aid in the process of elimination. No great physical prowess is required for walking. Taking a walk on a daily basis, will not only improve the elimination process but also improve your overall health.

Another less stressful but more regimented activity is yoga. The stretching and breathing exercises stimulate the bowels and allow proper and easy bowel elimination. Yoga can also ease the mind of daily concerns and put you more in tune with your body’s needs.


Surgery is an option for eliminating hemorrhoids. But why go through the pain of surgery when there are natural ways to cure hemorrhoids without the pain of surgery.

Do you know anyone that has experienced hemorrhoid surgery? I am sure they would be able to describe the ordeal they went through.

Hemorrhoid surgery can be very painful. Most patients have to sit on a rubber doughnut to ease the pain. Bowel movement and urination can be so painful and it’s difficult to walk or sit comfortably, all good reasons to consider natural remedies for hemorrhoids.

The likelihood of a painful recovery and the possibility of a hemorrhoid recurrence even after surgery are what stopped me from choosing surgery as an option.

The Rat Race

It seems like we are always on the run; on the go at work form one deadline to another; rushing the kids from one event to another; eating on the run stuffing fast foods down our gullets.

It is no wonder we are constipated. Our bodies do not get the chance process our food properly and the body is hustled from here to there and does not have the time needed for its natural rhythms of elimination.

Nature’s Wonders

There is a natural homeopathic way to heal your body of hemorrhoids. Some healthy lifestyle changes and healing herbs will work in harmony with the body and get rid of hemorrhoids.

Natural hemorrhoid remedies go straight to causes of your ailment and do not just treat the symptoms. Many have found natural remedies to be the answer to a permanent cure for hemorrhoids.

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