Eczema Natural Remedies – 3 Ways to Combat Eczema at Home

Eczema Natural Remedies – 3 Ways to Combat Eczema at Home

Article by Robert Langley

You may have a vision of eczema natural remedies being about mixing herbs in a mortar and pestle to be smeared on your skin. To be honest there are remedies that can use such things but this is not the only way you can apply a natural solution to your eczema condition. Another approach is to AVOID the unnatural things that might lead to flare ups of your eczema and replacing some things with a natural alternative.

This is because eczema is not so much a skin condition as it is a condition of the immune system that reacts poorly to a number of things which vary from person to person. Here are a few common things to avoid that will help though.

Foods to Avoid

Some types of food can be problematic for many people. I myself have to completely avoid seafood for instance to stop my eczema flaring up (a small price to pay in my opinion) but there are a few other common problem foods such as:


The problem though is that everyone is different so you will need to experiment a bit with your food to find if anything in particular is linked to eczema problems.

Chemicals to Avoid

In an age where easy to access chemicals can solve many of our problems and aid our day to day activities we forget that these things are not natural and our bodies are not geared to handling them very well. If you have eczema then your particular immune system may have serious issues with certain chemicals you might use which results in red and itching skin. So to be on the safe side, avoid getting a few things on your skin or breathing in fumes of:

Dishwashing detergentAny surface cleanerBug SprayMakeupPerfume

Avoid Stress

This is a little explained but MASSIVE part of healing any condition and eczema is no exception. Stress causes serious problems with your immune system lowering it to a point where you are more susceptible to disease and illness. Eczema being an immune condition of course runs rampant when you are highly stressed.

As such finding ways to lower stress levels is essential not only for your eczema natural remedies but for you overall health and happiness. Stress is the modern world’s biggest disease in my opinion.

There are more aspects of naturally remedying eczema however including the weather, airborne allergens and of course using natural ointments and so forth. For more information about this including articles and great resources for ending recurring eczema problems click below to find out more.

Eczema Natural Remedies

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