Eczema Natural Remedies To Soothe And Heal Your Skin

Eczema Natural Remedies To Soothe And Heal Your Skin

Article by Bruce Nolan

Anyone who has suffered from eczema knows all too well how awful it is. The itching can be horrible and then there’s the redness, scaling and discomfort – both physical and emotional. Especially if you’re having a severe case, you may not even want to leave your house.If you’re like most other people who have had this problem, you’ve already tried the over the counter products and seen your dermatologist, but have yet to find an effective treatment.I’ve suffered from eczema myself and after trying and failing with every over the counter and prescription medication I could find, I decided to try something different and started to use natural remedies for eczema. Thankfully, it worked and today I am completely free of the problem.These are the first steps you have to take to start treating your eczema. At the end of the article I will show you how to have the same results.1. Try milk. Use a cloth soaked with milk to the area where you’re having an outbreak of eczema and leave it there for about five minutes. This will help relieve the itch as well as reduce the swelling.2. Oatmeal baths. Oatmeal contains components that will help to protect your skin from drying out as well as provide relief from the itching and swelling of eczema. Grind four cups of oatmeal into a powder and add to your bath. Soak for about twenty minutes and remember to pat dry, not rub dry in order to keep this protective layer on your skin.3. Petroleum Jelly. Petroleum jelly will also help to moisturize your skin as well as prevent it from drying out. Simply apply a small amount to the affected area and leave it on for long lasting protection and relief from eczema.4. Make healthy fats a part of your diet. Add avocado and walnuts to your diet. The fatty acids in these foods can help you to reduce the inflammation of eczema and may also reduce the severity of allergic reactions (including eczema).A natural remedy for eczema involves relieving your symptoms while avoiding irritating the skin. There are a lot of factors which can be involved in eczema, but to learn everything you need to know to rid yourself of this skin problem once and for all, visit my website to find out more about an effective natural remedy for eczema.

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