Good Food Decisions as a Natural Remedy for Heartburn

Good Food Decisions as a Natural Remedy for Heartburn

Article by Dean Calvert

What is the best natural remedy for heartburn? Can the food we eat prompt heartburn? First of all, heartburn is an incredibly strong discomfort across the chest area which goes up to the throat. When stomach acid goes up the throat from a valve referred to as lower esophageal sphincter and aggravates the esophagus, you are experiencing heartburn. Unexpectedly, specific foods can set off heartburn. This article will show you how to select the food that you consume to naturally eliminate heartburn.

Too Much Chow

When trying to get rid of heartburn, you don’t have to avoid a specific food. Keep in mind first that the amount of food that you eat at a time could cause heartburn. When talking about heartburn probability, the total volume which you consume matters. In this instance, a lot isn’t good. It doesn’t matter what sort of food it is, how appetizing it looks, if it’s your favorite or not, eating a lot increases your chance of heartburn. If you have to eat all that’s in your plate, attempt using a small plate to regulate your servings.

Eating in a Rush

For anyone who is constantly frantically eating, you are also increasing the potential of experiencing heartburn. A natural remedy for heartburn is to consume slowly. According to Leslie Bonci, the director of sports nutrition of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the three Gs – grab, gulp and go – isn’t good for your digestive process and could make GERD symptoms more prone. Heartburn is a symptom of GERD. If you want to minimize the likelihood of experiencing heartburn, slow down whenever you eat.

Fatty Food

Foods elevated in fats typically settle within the stomach longer than other kinds of food since they aren’t easily digested. The longer they stay in there, the more uncomfortable you will be. So if you have the tendency to have large portions of fatty foods like fried chicken or chips, then you’re more likely to to get heartburn. You’ve had excessive food and fatty foods.

In conclusion, the pointers given in this article can help a lot in reducing heartburn probability. Always remember that the perfect natural remedy for heartburn is self-control.

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