How to Create a Mobile Spray Tanning Station

Airbrush tanning is becoming extremely popular as more people seek a healthier alternative to the sun or a tanning booth. If you plan to offer this service to your clientele, you will need to invest in some essential airbrush spray tan equipment. Whether you own a sunless tanning salon or you’re an esthetician, it’s easy to create a mobile tanning station with the following supplies and equipment.

A pop up tanning tent: In order to have a clean area to apply a spray tan, you will need a pop up spray tanning tent. This product is ideal for estheticians who operate in small areas and spray tan technicians on the go. A pop up tanning test is also a great solution for someone who does not want to invest in a large spray booth. As the name implies, a pop up tent quickly and neatly pops up into shape and just as easily folds back up for travel.

A tanning sprayer: Also called a spray tan machine, a tanning sprayer is the main tool you will need to apply the solution on your client’s skin. There are many tanning sprayers on the market, including lightweight, compact machines ideal for businesses on the go or in tight spaces. It’s important to create a pleasant tanning experience for your clients. For this reason, look for a high-quality sprayer that sprays at low pressure. You will also want to find a spray tan machine with ergonomic features so that it’s easy to use.

Sunless tanning solution: Once you’ve found your favorite tanning sprayer, it’s time to find the right sunless tanning solution. There are many products on the market; however, you will want to invest in the best-quality solution so that you’re giving your clients a high-quality tan. Consider buying a few different solutions to accommodate each client’s unique needs and budget.

Preparation Products: Before you can apply a spray tan, you will want your clients to prepare their skin for a sunless spray tan. For this reason it’s important to stock up on a wide variety of preparation products, making it easy for your clients to purchase everything they need straight from your store. Essential preparation products include exfoliating scrubs, exfoliating creams and polishes, and exfoliating brushes or gloves.

Application supplies: When it comes to essential spray tanning products, you will need application supplies for the technician as well as the client. As the technician, you will need facial masks, body blotters, eye protection, hand cleansers, and gun cleaners. For your clients, you will need disposable thongs, nose plugs, hair caps, disposable sandals, and eye protection.


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