Important Information About Natural Remedies for Attention Deficit Disorder

Important Information About Natural Remedies for Attention Deficit Disorder

Article by R.D. Hawkins

Can ADHD be treated naturally? Are there natural remedies for attention deficit disorder that actually work? These are commonly asked questions by both adult ADHD suffers and parents with ADHD children. Many people have read about the potential of both short and long term side effects, not to mention the ongoing expense and are looking for natural and affordable options. In this article we will take a look at natural remedies for attention deficit disorder and hopefully give you at least some of the answers you are looking for.

Most experts in the field of natural health that believe the best results can be achieved when diet and supplementation are combined. These two cornerstones when combined with a more comprehensive natural treatment approach can produce powerful results in some people.

In discussing natural remedies for attention deficit disorder one must examine the role of carbohydrates. Carbohydrate consumption is one area that mixes with ADHD like oil and water. Not all carbohydrates are bad but more often than not people with ADHD will tend to go after the most problematic kind: simple carbohydrates. This group of ADHD aggravating foods includes white flower, white rice, corn, pasta, potatoes, and other refined foods. Think about the cereals you may be eating or feeding to your children. Do they contain these ingredients? Junk foods such as corn or potato chips are simple carbs as well and should be avoided. The quick energy boost that makes these foods so appealing is the same action that makes them so problematic for those with ADHD and in particular those with the hyperactive form of ADHD. Because simple carbohydrates metabolize quickly, they trigger an overproduction of insulin, which more often than not produces exactly the same types of symptoms that appear in ADHD. Primary examples would be inattention, lethargy, and scattered thinking.

One of the more obscure and rarely talked about components of natural remedies for attention deficit disorder is balancing your body’s yeast. Yeast lives and thrives in our digestive systems along with certain beneficial bacteria making proper digestion possible. When an imbalance occurs between yeast and the friendly bacteria in your digestive system a condition called dysbiosis occurs, which often results in symptoms similar to those in ADHD. Examples would be unclear or fragmented thinking and inattention. This is a broad topic which you may choose to investigate further but general tips on avoiding dysbiosis are to eat a well balanced diet, avoid sugar laden foods, steer clear of alcohol, and consume yogurt with live lactobacillus acidophilus cultures.

The minerals calcium and magnesium are often associated with strong bones but did you know that a deficiency could produce ADHD like symptoms? These two minerals play an important role in helping your body absorb B vitamins which are important in brain function, specifically focus. Additionally, some researchers have reported a decrease in hyperactivity when calcium and magnesium supplementation is added to a person’s diet.

We have only touched on the subject of natural remedies for attention deficit disorder and hope you will continue to research to topic.

Additionally, natural remedies for ADHD are another ADHD treatment option which seems to be gaining popularity. This approach is very safe, great for all ages, and can produce lasting results particularly when combined with diet modification.

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