Learn How These Simple Yet Effective Natural Remedies For Shingles Will Help You & Control Them

Learn How These Simple Yet Effective Natural Remedies For Shingles Will Help You & Control Them

Article by Dylan Frame

The following article will describe several natural remedies for shingles that could be used at home & bring you pain relief.

The herpes virus can cause painful blisters around the mouth & genital area.

Although different strains of these viruses cause lesions in these 2 different regions, the infection is mainly identical in both areas. The virus has the annoying habit of hiding out deep in the ganglia nerve where it rests latent for months or even years. Occasionally it can reactivate & pass through the same nerves, initiating what doctors call an outburst.

Conventional medical treatment consists of antiviral drugs such as acyclovir, which reduce the length & intensity of the shingles outbreak, and, when used routinely it can reduce the # of attacks. Nevertheless, these treatments aren’t dramatically effective.

Natural Remedies for Shingles

1 Melissa officinalis (lemon balm)This plant is widely sold in Europe as a topical cream for genital & oral herpes treatment. It’s native to southern Europe, where it’s even grown in home gardens with the sole purpose to attract bees. When rubbed, the plant leaves a pleasant lemon scent, hence the English name.

The cream, based on Melissa, seems to contribute to the natural remedy for shingles, both genital & oral herpes. It can be used at the first sign of blisters or on a regular basis to keep away from major outbreaks. There is no evidence that Melissa will help prevent the spread through personal contacts.

Scientific evidenceNumerous studies have shown a definite reduction in the duration & severity of shingles symptoms (both genital & oral) and, when used regularly, it reduces their frequency of appearance. Case 1 In a particular study, patients who used Melissa recovered in just five days, while patients who received another type of treatment required ten days to recover. Case 2. Researchers also described a “significant reduction” in the reappearance of those shingles symptoms when they used Melissa. Another double-blind study of 116 patients with oral or genital herpes, showed a appreciably better recovery rate for patients treated with Melissa in 2 dermatological centres. Case 3. A recent double-blind placebo-controlled study of sixty-six patients who commenced with an oral herpes virus outbreak showed that treatment based on Melissa cream produced measurable benefits already on the second day, allowing for the intensity of the pain, # of blisters & size of lesions to reduce. Long term monitoring of these patients insinuate that this treatment may delay the interval between outbreaks. Case 4. Nobody knows the therapeutic mechanism of action of this plant. It’s believed that the plant makes it harder for viruses to invade cells.


Either for natural remedies for shingles or for treatment of an active herpes outburst, the correct dose 4 times per day of continued application of a cream made of Melissa extract 70:1. Later, the application can then be reduced to twice daily for preventive purposes. The plant doesn’t prevent virus transmission to her newborn for a pregnant woman nor it can not stop dissemination of the disease through sexual contact.

Side effectsThe current use of Melissa isn’t associated with significant side effects, but allergic reactions can occur. This plant is on the list of safe products by the FDA (GRAS, generally recognised as safe). There are no known drug interactions, but an animal study suggests that when the plant is taken with sedative drugs, it may increase the sedative effect.

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