Natural Remedies and Home Treatments for Gout

Natural Remedies and Home Treatments for Gout

Article by Dr Andrew Napier

There are two types of natural remedies popularly used for gout, few are the ones which are specifically for pain relief to promote movement and comfort the sufferer, and other ones are focused on eradication of the problem to provide cure and prevent attacks in the future. Treatment for gout is long and regular that is why natural remedies are preferred over drugs and pharmaceuticals as natural treatment does not cause any harm to health by causing side effects. Production of uric acid is a normal process of the body, over production of uric acid or improper excretion of this acid leads to higher level of acid in the blood which in long run forms crystals, these gets deposited in the joints to cause pain and problems during the movement. Along with natural remedies, healthy habits like exercises and proper rest and sleep also play a crucial role in the effective treatment of the problem.

Gout is known to affect big toe first in the body, if one feels pain in the big toe taking charcoal bath can relieve the pain, mix half cup of charcoal powder in the water to form a paste, later place the toe in the paste and pour water till foot is covered, allow it to stay for 30 minutes for quick relief from the pain. Placing grounded ginger on the aching joint for at least 15 minutes can also relieve the pain quickly. Ice packs also relieve the pain caused due to gout condition, Epsom salt water bath are also used as pain relieving natural remedies for gout. Capsaicin creams are natural remedies for pain relief, topical application of these creams on the affected joints can relieve the pain immediately and for sufficient duration. Some people have found chewing 4-5 garlic cloves as an effective way to relieve gout pain. All of these remedies are for pain relief and cannot cure the problem but they are helpful in providing immediate comfort and promote movement.

For curing gout, lemon juice is very effective remedy as the high vitamin C content in the juice reduces the level of uric acid in the body by dissolving it and helping the body in its proper excretion. Drinking juice of half lemon mixed with a glass of water three times in a day is a good natural remedy. Increased intake of apples is also helpful in reducing uric acid level in the body. French beans juice one glass a day or carrot juice mixed with beet and cucumber juice in equal quantities are excellent natural remedies for gout as these help in dissolving excess uric acid in the body.

Indian gooseberry or Amla is one of the most effective herbs for treating gout as it has highest vitamin C content amongst all the easily available herbs. Consuming two to three fresh fruits of amla either as salad ingredient or in powder form is an excellent natural remedy for gout. Amla shall be consumed without using salt with it. Alfalfa leaves are also very effective in treating gout as it is a rich source of various minerals which are good at reducing uric acid levels. Increased in take of bananas at least 4-5 fruits everyday also helps in curing gout.

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