Natural Remedies– Can Really Work

Natural Remedies– Can Really Work

Article by Emmanuel Mba

Natural remedies can really work for curing many illnesses, and for relieving the symptoms of many others. Science has in fact been inspired many times by natural remedies to come up with the wonder drugs of our modern age. Penicillin for example began as a natural remedy. The root ingredient of penicillin is a type of mold that forms on bread.

Another natural remedy that most have heard of all their lives is chicken soup to cure, or at least relieve the symptoms of, the common cold. Chicken soup as a natural remedy isn’t a wonder drug, but it does contain nutrients that help strengthen the immune system and will help the body fight the cold. Simply gaining some strength through eating will sick makes a person feel better and seems to relieve some symptoms.

Another natural remedy commonly used in our society is aloe vera, a plant. The juice from the leaves of the aloe vera plant when crushed can help in the curing of minor burns and abrasions and help cure eczema. Aloe vera is a natural remedy that doubles as a beautiful houseplant.

The more modern science discovers natural remedies common to folk people of European and Asian countries, and the indigenous people of many third world nations, the more truth they find in their curative abilities. Most cities have several good health food stories with knowledgeable clerks who can explain many of the natural remedies that they carry. Even large health food store chains, and some pharmacies and large discount stores carry natural remedies on their shelves due to the growing popularity of holistic health approaches. Natural remedies today are seen as alternative medicine, but years ago, they were seen as the only medicine available, and millions of people have benefited from their use.

Natural remedies for reduction of swelling include drinking pineapple juice, chamomile tea, comfrey, white oak bark, mugwort, dill, and oregano. All of these natural remedies work to reduce swelling when used as beverages. Boils, a problem for many people have their own natural remedies. Poultices made from sage or ground mustard were natural remedies used by native Americans for centuries and are sometimes recommended by health care professionals today.

There are many natural remedies available for most ailments, and discovering the wonders of natural remedies can improve a person’s life in many ways.

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