Natural Remedies for Acne and Acne Scars

Natural Remedies for Acne and Acne Scars

Article by Adam Newton

If you do a search on the internet for natural remedies for acne or even natural remedies for acne scars the number of page results you get is quite overwhelming. It seems as if everyone out there has a super high-tech, opinionated, latest and greatest all natural concoction or potion to cure the world of pimples and zits.

The problem with that is that those of us that really need help are searching for answers, real answers, not another disappointment. Usually what we find pages and pages of technical details that always seem to leave lasting questions in the back of our minds or overwhelm us half way through the article regardless of how informative it is.

There are two common trains of thought when it comes to health and they are applied to most common medical conditions. The body can heal itself or we have to heal the body artificially.

So, instead of providing a list of specific natural remedies for you to spend your hard earned money and likely waste much of your valuable time, I’m going to offer instead an opportunity for a slightly different perspective, insight if you will on how the body heals, what our personal role is as the body heals, as well as when and how it needs our help to do what it does best.

When someone says “the body can heal and does heal itself”, what do they mean? Obviously if that were the case and if the body was so good at healing itself why would we need doctors? And what about all of the people that die from illness or even injury? If the body could heal itself, why doesn’t it?

In terms of the extent in which the body can and does heal itself, there are certainly limitations. I call these limitations in matter. What this means is there is a delicate balance in which the condition of the body is successful or fails to heal. In circumstances where the matter or resources the body needs to heal are either not available, are limited in quantity or are not able to over come a specific illness or injury, then at these times the body needs external help from us or our healthcare provider.

However, when that same balance leans in favor of the body, in terms of a favorable healing environment, necessary nutrients, time and rest, then often times the body can and does heal itself.

Do you understand why cancer is so deadly? In basic terms, cancer is essentially a mass invasion of an enemy force in the form of an abnormal cell type, which reproduces at very high rates. The body has normal defenses against this type of activity, it is designed to fight against these types of cells. However, the bodies defenses become overwhelmed, out paced, and out gunned. The medical treatments available are designed to kill these rampant abnormal invading cells, but unfortunately kill many of the good ones too.

When someone has a bacterial throat infection, like Strep Throat. The medical physician often prescribes an antibiotic. Why? Because the antibiotic not only kills the strep bacteria but it also inhibits its growth. It does this, so the body, can rebuild its defenses and eventually fight off the infection. It isn’t the antibiotic that cured the body, it helped the body regain the matter it needed to win the fight.

Following a surgical procedure, the surgeon uses sutures or stables to close the incision. This brings the sides of the once open surgical or trauma site close together, but do the sutures or staples heal the skin and create a scar? Not at all, in fact, all the sutures or staples are doing is creating an environment where the skin can heal itself.

The best natural remedy for acne or for acne scars is easy; it’s healthy skin and a healthy body.

The simple truth is that acne is a response to an underlying problem within the body and if you address those potential problems then clear and healthy skin will follow.

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