Natural Remedies for Common Health Ailments

Natural Remedies for Common Health Ailments

Article by Chris Deiter

There are many drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter, used for everything from weight loss to baldness prevention and treatment. Most pharmaceuticals and medications are based on a natural remedy and herbal historical foundation. Many of these treatments may work for some and not others, or have a larger or lesser degree of success depending on the individual. Remember before using any supplement, herbal or natural remedy, always get the approval of your physician. Let’s take a look at some of these unique and interesting natural remedies.

A garlic footbath (crushed garlic cloves, warm water and a little rubbing alcohol) can take care of that nasty case of athlete’s foot.Repeated applications of crushed parsley leaves can help clear up black and blue bruises and double the healing speed.Fructose has some promise as a hangover reliever. Honey and dates are very high in fructose. Maybe that is why an old bartender remedy for a hangover is honey in hot water.Ginger has been used in teas, lemonade or other oral forms to treat or at least lessen the severity of headaches.For those with sleep issues and no luck with modern treatment, lemon balm tea, valerian tea or capsules, and lavender oil baths may help you sleep the night away.Another interesting natural remedy is using a fresh cucumber to soothe a sunburn. Cut open the cucumber and apply directly to the sunburn.Ginkgo taken orally has helped many with ringing in the ears when nothing else had worked.Both bloodroot and birch bark applied topically may help eradicate common skin warts over time.This article is not intended to be any sort of suggestion or recommendation but simply an interesting look at what natural remedies that some have used with different degrees of success, as treatments for common maladies.

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