Natural Remedies for Heartburn (Acid Reflux) – 5 Products Known to Relieve Heartburn

Natural Remedies for Heartburn (Acid Reflux) – 5 Products Known to Relieve Heartburn

Article by Jim Rees

If you are reading this, then you are probably very familiar with the distress that heartburn and acid reflux causes to millions of people. No doubt you have tried medication and over-the-counter remedies that give temporary relief from your condition. In this article you will learn how to get relief from your symptoms, by trying some simple, natural remedies for heartburn that have worked successfully for countless people who have suffered as you do.

There are many ways that you can help yourself by making adjustments to your lifestyle and you can certainly gain considerable relief by doing so. Here we look at five natural products, known to prevent heartburn, which will effectively complement the lifestyle changes you may make.

a) Apples – for many years, apples have been used as a remedy for heartburn, due to their excellent acid neutralising properties. Fortunately, everyone enjoys an apple and you can eat as many as you like.

b) Apple Cider Vinegar – although Apple Cider Vinegar is probably overly recommended as a remedy for many, many ailments, it has proven to have a definite calming effect on stomach acid.

c) Aloe Vera – either used as gel or juice preparations has long been used in Europe for relieving irritation of the esophagus caused by acid reflux.

d) Sodium Bicarbonate – This tried and tested method of treating heartburn is one of the best home remedies for heartburn. Although not the most pleasant thing to take it will get rid of your heartburn instantly by neutralising excess acid. (It should not be taken by anyone on a low salt diet, however).

e) Ginger – has been used for hundreds of years for acid indigestion. You can take it in a variety of forms such as ginger tea, ginger powder, ginger root or even ginger ale. All are effective as anti-acid indigestion remedies.

While we must accept that the best treatment for heartburn will differ from person to person, the above products are widely accepted as being extremely effective natural remedies for heartburn. Used in combination with some simple lifestyle changes they should help to create a positive defence against further heartburn attacks.

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