Natural Remedies for Infant Colic

A normal thing which may happen to your baby is the colic phase. It is not pleasant either for the baby, or for the parent. However, the parents are the ones who look for remedies in order to get some peace and quiet at least ones in their home. This period can be really rough and even if it passes around three months, it will seem like forever.

Gripe water seems to be really popular in terms of natural remedies. If before it was produced in the house, it is now produced in factories on a large scale. Besides the colic, the gripe water is good for teething and gas. Another method is to ad lavender drops in your babies baths. Lavender calms and soothes the baby and help him sleep better.

In some cases, a switch in formulas or a change in the mother’s diet seems to ease up the symptoms of colic. However, with some babies it will have no effect and the parents just need to wait until this phase passes. It is better to go for the natural remedies because they are safe, easy and effective. In case that the baby feels worse, it will be a great idea to consult the pediatrician. He might have some other ideas and together you can make up an efficient plan. This will ease the discomfort of babies and will give the parents some really appreciated quiet time. If nothing works, just remember that this too shall pass.

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