Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks Can Help Ease Your Symptoms

Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks Can Help Ease Your Symptoms

Article by Max Wardlow

Natural remedies for panic attacks have helped me often over the past few years in dealing with panic attacks, anxiety and excessive stress. In 1995 at age 38, I was diagnosed with an unusual brain disorder after having a mild stroke that left me disabled for a few months. Even though I recovered from most of the physical disability fairly quickly, I was unaware for quite some time how I was affected emotionally.

Since the original diagnosis I have had many relapses and false recoveries. In 2003, I began to experience some emotional turbulence that was quite shocking in it’s intensity. Panic attacks and extreme anxiety were a part of this turbulence. After having a bad reaction to a prescription anti-anxiety medication, I began looking into alternative medicine, researching natural remedies for something to help me cope with the symptoms I was experiencing. In my research I discovered specific herbs that have been used for centuries in traditional natural medicine to support the brain and nervous system – helping to keep the system calm and settled.

Lemonbalm, Lavender and Passionflower have had an excellent reputation among traditional herbalists as being very effective support for the brain and nervous system. This has also been confirmed by research which has made these herbs very popular to include in herbal formulas to help calm anxiety, panic and general stress. Passionflower is also a natural tranquillizer and is used to treat insomnia and depression as well as panic attacks.

If you feel inspired to seek out and try natural remedies for panic attacks, it’s important to know what to look for. Remember that natural remedies like herbs, homeopathy (homeopathic remedies), and other nutritional supplements are big business these days. The manufacturing process has a lot to do with the quality of the end product. Some natural remedies and nutritional supplements are produced in less than optimal facilities. Not only that, but the ingredients are not subject to crucial tests to ensure there is no contamination, and that they are 100% pure and of acceptable quality.

An important issue to be aware of with herbs is the increasingly common method of processing known as “standardization”. Some pharmaceutical companies use harsh chemicals to extract active ingredients from medicinal herbs.This process is not approved by the manufacturers of holistic natural remedies because it increases the risk of side effects since the herb being processed this way loses its ability to protect against side effects. I recommend that you steer clear of herbal remedies using standardized herbal extracts in the formula (it will say so on the label).

Panic attacks as well as intense anxiety and stress can be unsettling and even scary if you’re not used to such things. In my experience, natural remedies can help to effectively ease the symptoms without unwanted side effects. In looking for natural remedies for panic attacks just be sure to do a little homework to find formulas produced in a way that’s as close to nature as possible.

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