Natural Remedies for Shingles: Using Aloe Vera and Zinc

Natural Remedies for Shingles: Using Aloe Vera and Zinc

Article by Dylan Frame

Further to our previous article, we outlined various natural remedies for shingles, therefore we carry on with our research to bring you the best information so you can make the best decisions.

2. Aloe Vera

This plant is world renowned for its ready for use in the healing of burns & minor injuries; but now, 2 recent studies suggest that it has potential value in dealing with herpes virus infections, & thus to be a good example for the natural remedies for shingles.

Aloe vera cream contains 0.5% aloe & can be used 3 times every day.In a double-blind placebo-controlled trial of sixty men with active genital herpes, it was demonstrated that the use of aloe cream (0.5 % aloe) three times a day for five days, reduced the time required for the healing of the lesions (4.9 days vs 12 days in the placebo group) & increased the percentage of patients considered cured at the end of the second week of treatment (66.7 % vs. 6.7 % in the placebo group). Case 7. A double-blind placebo controlled study of 120 men who suffered from genital herpes found that aloe-based cream was more punchy than pure aloe gel or placebo, possibly because of the fact that fatty ingredients enhance aloe absorption.

Side Effects

Another favorable source of natural remedies for shingles can be found in the zinc & lysine. This is what I like most about natural remedies for shingles. Before you learn that there are many opportunities that can help you treating your shingles symptoms, it appears that you’re meant to bear all the agony of this common disease, but once you get to know all untapped resources ( natural remedies), you don’t feel abandoned any longer. Let’s dig in a couple more of your new best natural remedies for shingles.

3. ZincA recent study has recommended that topical application of zinc may help treating herpes zoster (shingles} infections in the mouth & face. In this study, forty-six people with lip injuries were treated with a zinc oxide based cream or a placebo cream every two hours until resolution of the lesions. The results showed that the cream diminished the severity of the shingles symptoms & shortened convalescent time.

It is thought that zinc interferes with the ability of herpes virus to reproduce itself, however, zinc formulation must be safely designed to release just active zinc ions. Some participants in this study struggled with burns & inflammation caused by zinc, but these side effects aren’t considered a dangerous hurdle in general.

4 L-LysineWhen enough doses of L-Lysine amino acid are taken regularly, it appears that it’s able to reduce the number & severity of shingles outbreaks. But a study that has assessed its impact in the early stages of a shingles attack showed no benefit whatsoever to the patient. In these cases it’s recommended the use of Melissa.Case 9. In a new double-blind placebo-controlled study of fifty-two participants with a history of herpes outbreaks showed that treatment with three g of L-lysine daily for six months produced an average of 2.4 fewer outbreaks than in the placebo group, a significant difference. Outbreaks in the group receiving L-lysine were significantly less severe & healed quicker.Case 11. Another double-blind placebo-controlled study of forty-one persons also showed improvement in seizure frequency. In addition, the study found that 1,250 mg of Lysine per day acted very well, but 624 mg per day didn’t accomplish the desirable effect.Case 12. Further studies with lower doses showed no beneficial effects.Case 13 and 14. When taken as a supplement, a typical dose for adults 1,000 mg per day.

Concerning the safety of this treatment in animal studies, high doses have caused gallstones & elevated cholesterol. Consequently, this medication should be used prudently in people with these conditions. Case 15 and 16

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