Natural Remedies to Treat Shingles Pain and Itch

Natural Remedies to Treat Shingles Pain and Itch

Article by Jared Wright

Shingles is a viral skin infection that develops skin rashes and blisters. It is caused by Varicella zoster virus, also known as VZV, and is a highly contagious virus. Shingles can be a serious infection, leading to ugly scars and blemishes on your face if not properly treated. One of the most dreadful sides of this infection is that the painful symptoms do not go off even after the rashes have been treated and can remain there for years.

There are various treatment options available for shingles. However, the best form of shingle treatment has to be the use of natural remedies. This skin disease is best cured with natural remedies, which pose no threat of side-effects and provide efficient cure. There is an array of herbal treatments on hand for shingles. Propolis, golden seal, Echinacea and elderberry are some of the commonly used herbs for natural treatment of shingles. These can be taken in fluid form, for example, as tea. They can also be consumed in the form of syrups, tablets or powders. These herbs are a natural remedy to provide relief from pain and itching.

For a good topical solution, moist clay or cooked oatmeal can be used in place of calamine lotion. It is not only a good remedy for easing itch, it is also a good drying agent. To reduce inflammation and pain, oatmeal baths are also suggested. For after-bath application, coconut oil or aloe vera is highly recommended. Fresh aloe vera has anti-infection properties that helps to dry the rashes and gives the skin a soothing effect. You can use natural aloe vera gels off the shelves if fresh pulp of aloe vera is not available in your area.

Mix cayenne pepper and aloe vera together will get you the perfect shingles natural remedy to ease pain and itchiness. For every full tablespoon of aloe vera, add about 1/4th teaspoon of cayenne pepper. You can also add one tablespoon of coconut oil to this mixture and mix it well. Dab a soft cotton ball into the mixture and apply it to the affected area for instant relief. It will slowly heal the rashes. Also, another remedy for pain, which works wonders, is eucalyptus oil, which can be gently rubbed and massaged to the skin. Lemon oil also relieves pain. Applying wet, cool towels or ice packs on the affected skin also relieves pain and itching, and this can be repeated frequently. It is really important to keep the rashes cool in order to provide relief from itching and pain from shingles.

Intake of healthy, vitamin-rich food is also very important for the treatment of shingles. Your diet should include good amount of fresh peaches, berries, melons, lemons, avocado, mangoes and tomatoes. One of the most popular natural treatment remedy is garlic as it has special antiseptic qualities. You will not go wrong with green, leafy vegetables and brown rice. Sugar must be eliminated from the daily diet. Caffeine, carbonated drinks and meat should also be avoided. You can improve your body immune system by taking more fruits with high vitamin C. Following a healthy diet and building your immune system will keep the infection from worsening, thus saving you from any more pain.

You must be thinking if a healthy regime and purely using natural shingles remedy is going to work for you. Well, it’s obvious to think whether these self-help natural remedies will yield good results, give you clear skin and cure shingles. It is absolutely normal for you to think twice, but going with the above mentioned natural treatments, you won’t go too far wrong -or a combination of them—and follow it religiously, and with full confidence. These natural treatments are tried-and-tested and are the safest way to get rid of shingles.

All these remedies are purely natural, and free of harmful side-effects, but you should always consult your doctor to decide the best options that will suit your condition and successfully treat shingles.

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