Natural Remedy For Urinary Tract Infection in Dogs – Why it is Highly Effective

Natural Remedy For Urinary Tract Infection in Dogs – Why it is Highly Effective

Article by Laura Ramirez

Did you know that a certain natural remedy for urinary tract infection in dogs is just as effective as the most powerful antibiotic? Since drugs can have serious side effects, you may want to carefully consider healthier alternatives. In this article, you’ll learn which ingredients to look for in an effective remedy, why they are better than drugs and how to choose one that can be used to heal bladder infections and prevent them from recurring.

Since 14% of dogs will get a urinary tract infection (UTI) during their lifetime and females are at a much higher risk than males, it is essential to start thinking about prevention. You brush your dog’s teeth to prevent cavities, so why not give your dog a supplement to support bladder health?

Below is a list of the ingredients in a proven natural remedy for urinary tract infection in dogs that will treat UTI’s and if given regularly, also prevent a recurrence:

Uva ursi BerberisCantharisStaphysagris

Like antibiotics, these ingredients work synergistically to heal the infection. Like a gentle tonic, they soothe inflammation and minimize the pain. of a UTI.

When you consider that prescription medicines can cause vomiting, lethary and even loss of appetite, you realize that the risks to your dog’s health and well-being just aren’t worth it. Although most of us have been led to believe that drugs are more powerful than natural substances, this is often not the case. When you take the time to do the research and discover that holistic remedies are actually more effective than drugs because they do not slow down the healing process with side effects, you realize that going natural is the safer, more effective choice.

Administering Natural Remedies

If you’re like me, you probably cringe at the thought of giving your dog big horse pills. No matter how you try to disguise them, your dog tastes them and will try to spit them out. In the past, I have put pills down my dog’s throat and massaged his throat area to make sure that they went down, turned my head and discovered a few moments later, that my dog had spit them back up.

One of the great things about natural remedies is that many of them come in granular form. All you have to do to administer a dose is sprinkle some granules into your dog’s mouth. Upon contact with the saliva, they dissolve instantly. No more chasing your dog around or stuffing pills into hot dogs. Of course, before giving a natural remedy for urinary tract infection in dogs, make sure to do your research.

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