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The naturally available ingredients like vegetables, fruits, herbs are used in medicines in the herbal remedies or natural home remedies. It has no chemical content in it and no side effects are caused by them. It cures the disease easily, very simple, inexpensive and very effective. Kitchen is the best place for herbal remedies as it includes the entire natural or the herbal ingredients that can be used as medicines or that are basically needed. The best herbal home remedy for many diseases like blood pressure, gastritis is garlic Very effective herbal and natural remedies for many disease is lemon, peppers, honey and immediate cure is given by them. Very popular medicines of natural remedies are the Chinese medicine herbs.

These herbs are being used for improving the vitality, health and the life expectancy. The functions of the body can be restored by using the Chinese medicine herbs which is very effective. Chinese medicine herbs helps in treating the disease very effectively and quickly. There are no side effects in these medicines and these medicines are the best and well recognized to improve health condition. Moreover the Chinese herbs medicine concentrates in improving and promoting the entire health of the body. At home, the easy way to clean the colon is by doing a bowel flush. This will be very effective for any one who are suffering with the constipation problem. To begin with this can be done with the plain water enema. Until the bowel evacuates completely which is taking senna tea for three days and it is a good way for bowel flush. High quality ingredients are added in the colon flush tablets which you can consider using. The other form of bowl flush remedy is salt water flush. By following some remedies the whole body cleanse can be done at home itself. You can discard the unwanted substances present in the body by doing this. The kidney can perform well if you drink more water and this an another remedy. Avoid taking caffeinated beverages, drinking alcohol and smoking.

Don’t eat high caloric food and processed food. The animal based food like meat, fish, eggs, and pork and dairy products should be avoided or reduced. Fruits, whole grains, fiber content and vegetables are some of the food you should eat. Grapes, berries, spinach, beetroot, carrot are some of the vegetables and spices you should take. Also taking sufficient rest and good sleep is very essential. Garlic is the best and first remedy for high blood pressure. Indian gooseberry is also the best natural remedy for high blood pressure. Lemon can also be used for treating high blood pressure.

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Nearly half the US populations turns to complementary, alternative and integrative practices to maintain or improve their health. Beverly Burns of UCSF’s Osher Center for Integrative Medicine explores traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture, meridians and chi. Series: “UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public” [12/2007] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 13073]

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