The Best Natural Remedies For Dogs

The Best Natural Remedies For Dogs

Article by Laura Ramirez

Natural remedies for dogs are essential to good health. In this article, you’ll learn about the different nutrients your dog needs and why they are essential to a happy, healthy life.

Like us, pets need vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to build a strong immunity against disease and to protect the body from stress and environmental toxins. This is why a daily multi-vitamin and mineral is essential. Beyond this, pets also need herbs for important phytonutrients that they can’t get by eating a meat (protein-based) diet. If you have seen your pet chewing on plants or eating soil, this is a sign that your dog is deficient in much-needed nutrients.

Ingredients to Look For in a Remedy

Since not all dog natural remedies are created equal, here are ingredients to look for in a good supplement:

The full complement of vitamins A, B, C D & E Minerals like calcium, magnesium selenium, etcMilk ThistleMistletoe

Milk Thistle and Mistletoe are herbs that contain antioxidants which fight disease at the root cause and eliminate toxins from the body. These herbs are even more important if your dog has a disease, like cancer.

Taken daily, dog natural remedies can beef up immunity, increasing resistance to disease and helping to heal any damage caused by exposure to chemicals and physical stress. Good quality natural remedies for dogs used in conjunction with a healthy diet, lots of water, exercise and a daily dose of love and care will go a long way to keep your dog functioning at his best.

Since animals can’t make informed decisions about their health, it is up to you to do your best for your beloved pet. Return your dog’s loyalty by feeding him a nutritious diet, supplemented with dog natural remedies that will build a strong body, prevent disease and heal any damage caused by environmental toxins and pollutants.

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