The Life-and Death Difference Between a Natural Cure and a Natural Remedy

The Life-and Death Difference Between a Natural Cure and a Natural Remedy

Article by Dr. James Chappell

People in serious trouble with their health are often disappointed when they discover that natural remedies do not work for them. This can cause them to lose faith in their ability to get better using natural means, when if they were to work at a natural cure instead of this or that natural remedy, they could have a remarkably better outcome.

A natural cure is not the same as a natural remedy.

With a remedy there is a simple relationship between a problem and its solution. For example, limes are a natural remedy for scurvy. They work like this: person has scurvy -> person take limes -> person no longer has scurvy. That’s how it is with remedies. They are each highly targeted to a specific condition or problem. Drugs are like that as well, except they often come with side effects and other unintended consequences.

Natural cures, on the other hand, are holistic in their application. They affect our total well being. They are not targeted at specific conditions or diseases.

In truth, there is really only one natural cure. It works by removing the things that are getting in the way of the full expression of our life force. Once that happens, all kinds of “miraculous” changes can take place. People can find their health is restored even after they have been written off as “terminal” by their doctors. But there is no magic potion that is responsible for it; there is no specific “remedy” that did it — other than the effect of their own newly free-flowing life force.

Of course, the exact way in which you go about restoring health — which, as I said, consists of allowing the inner life force to flow more freely — varies from case to case However, you only have one “health”. You do not have multiple “healths”. The fact that restoring health causes all kinds of different problems to go away is just what you would expect to happen.

Even so, remedies can be extremely helpful. I often combine them with my natural cure protocol to target the specific issues of individual patients. I find, however, that they work best in the context of an overall natural cure plan. I do not treat patients just with remedies. In my opinion, that is a very limited form of medicine and the majority of the people I work with need a stronger shift than they can get from remedies — natural or otherwise.

I encourage you to consider thinking about your health from the perspective of a natural cure, rather than with the idea that you can take a remedy, like a pill or a powder, and get well. The best you will get from that approach is temporary relief, important though that often is. Your long term vitality is best assured by a holistic natural cure.

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