The Natural Remedies Institute is Offering Free 15 Minute Health Consultations

The Natural Remedies Institute is Offering Free 15 Minute Health Consultations

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The Natural Remedies Institute helped over 1,000,000 online users last year find scientifically proven cures to common illnesses and diseases. Instead of using the usual doctor prescribed medications and drugs the team of 8 internationally accredited medical specialists recommended natural, safe and proven treatments.

One of the major focuses of the Natural Remedies Institute last year was helping couples with infertility and pregnancy problems. They took a dual approach to this problem by researching and testing natural remedies, which are proven to work for both female and male infertility problems. During 2010 their natural remedies proved to work at a 98.4% success rate with a very positive feedback rating.

During 2011 The Natural Remedies Institute is publicly releasing a suite of products and services to help every day people find natural solutions to common illnesses. A recent study in America showed that over 50% of Americans are currently actively seeking alternate treatments for common illnesses. The Natural Remedies Institute aims to become the lead organization in the online community by providing solutions for these people.

The very initiative that has been launched successfully in the last 24 hours has been the Free 15 Minute Health Call. This initiative gives direct access to the Natural Remedies Institute highly qualified and experienced team via a phone call. The person seeking the phone call needs to simply fill in their details, confirm a time and then receive the advice directly from the Natural Remedies Institute’s professional team.

Common topics covered on the calls include how to eliminate or reduce the intake of prescription drugs and live a drug free life. Unfortunately a large amount of people are consuming drugs as remedies for their illnesses and ailments. In most cases we can suggest natural treatments which ensure a person does not have to take drugs.

The major reason that we try and convince people to seek natural treatments is due to the fact that over 100,000 Americans die every single year from drug related problems. This figure does not included people who die from overdoses, if this figured was included the number would be a lot higher.

Keeping this in mind we strongly recommend that you educate yourself so you can make informed decisions about your health and well being.

A consultation like this could cost up 0 per session with these specialists but for a short time only you are able to secure your call free of charge. For more information simply visit

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