The Truth About Natural Remedies For Low Platelet Blood Count

The Truth About Natural Remedies For Low Platelet Blood Count

Article by Laura H Jean

Have you heard about the supposedly natural remedies that will fix everything from the plugged toilet in your bathroom to the sagging economy? I am dramatizing a bit here but if you are suffering from low platelet blood count you certainly don’t want some Carleton wasting your time with some pie in the sky notion that there is some simple fix-all approach that the rest of us morons have overlooked.

So what is the truth about natural remedies. Can they help your low platelet blood count? They can if you use them scientifically and not like some religious zealot gone mad. I’ll give you an example I experienced with a family member.

Their was a craze going around that carrot juice would cure his ailment. We bought a high end juicer and proceeded to turn bag after bag of carrots into gallons of juice. Of course everybody in the family had to drink the stuff for moral support along with him to keep him going. What happened? Everybody started turning orange! Did it help? Nope… he still had his illness and a new complexion. There was a positive thing that did come from this experience however.

My husband was suffering from severe headaches each day. They would come on in the afternoons and stay till evening. We thought it might be stress related since everyone was turning orange and all. We were adding a little bit of celery and apples to the carrot juice for some flavor. My son, around 10 at the time, wanted to help and juiced a whole bunch of celery, to much in fact. My husband drank it all instead of throwing it away. Guess what? No headache that day or the next. Celery is high in sodium, natural salt. My husband, although drinking plenty of water was deficient in salts and was suffering from dehydration on the hot afternoons.

The point is that a natural remedy will only work if your body is deficient in what that remedy supplies. If you are not deficient in vitamin D than eating all the peanuts in the world will not help a bit. Taking excessive amounts of vitamin D might even be toxic and cause more problems. You need to be smart… or scientific about your approach. Before you try a natural remedy for your low platelet blood count make sure it is right for you. And there are ways of determining this… but that would be another article.

To start with I suggest consulting a nutritionally oriented medical doctor or a naturopathic doctor before embarking on your natural remedy quest to end your low blood platelet count. Of course if you have bad eating habits in general, eating a more natural diet will always be better and may even help your low platelets, but a natural approach using a scientific process and elimination of the none issues will help to target the specific problem or deficiency.

I hope this information gets your gray matter working to solve your low platelet blood count. Good health to you!

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