Treating Diabetes with Natural Remedies

Treating Diabetes with Natural Remedies

Article by Natan Downey

In this article, we’ll talk about the possible ways to treat diabetes through the help of natural remedies. But first, let’s discuss what Diabetes is, what causes it and how one can reduce the risk of developing this disease. Afterwards, let’s see some of the most popular natural remedies for people living with diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder which involves abnormal level of sugar or glucose in the blood. Recent diabetes news by the World Health Organization reveals three types of Diabetes: Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes. As its name implies, Gestational Diabetes is acquired by women during pregnancy or gestation period. This condition may disappear after the child’s delivery.

Type 1 Diabetes is often hereditary where the pancreas does not produce insulin. Insulin is needed to keep the blood sugar level in control. Without insulin, a person can die from excessive or uncontrolled levels of sugar in the blood.

Type 2 Diabetes is usually developed as result of unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. For instance, people who live a sedentary lifestyle and takes in excessive calories in his diet are at risk to developing this disease. Although their pancreas produces insulin to moderate their sugar levels, constant and excessive sugar levels can eventually cause the pancreas to malfunction. A person can also develop a resistance in insulin. This is why the onset of Type 2 Diabetes is often expected during mid-life or as the person ages. Nevertheless, latest diabetes news shows that even young people today develop Type 2 Diabetes even at a young age.

Clearly, the foods you eat, eating habits and your lifestyle plays a big role in preventing diabetes. Even if there’s not a history of diabetes in your family, remember that Type 2 Diabetes is developed, not just inherited. Staying away from unhealthy vices and having sufficient exercise also promotes good health and prevents diabetes.

Natural Remedies and Diabetes

And now here are the most common natural remedies for diabetes. Remember that these herbs and plants are not meant to replace diabetes medications that are prescribed by your doctor. Always seek medical advice from a physician when using natural remedies to treat any type of disease or condition.

Bitter Gourd. Bitter gourd can be eaten fresh or cooked or drank as juice. It is known to contain components that helps improve the blood’s condition.

Bitter Melon. Bitter melon contains charantins, peptides and alkaloids which are known to have a hypoglemic effect or lowers blood sugar levels.

Alpha-lipoic Acid. This dietary supplement is known to have several good effects in the treatment of diabetes such as reducing insulin resistance and promotes the removal of glucose in the bloodstreams.

Fenugreek. This herbal plant is also known to have hypoglemic effect in diabetics.

Aside from the above examples, other fruits and vegetables that are used as natural diabetes medications are garlic, onion, almonds, oranges and apples. Fish that are contain omega oils, flaxseed, and olive oils are also considered as natural remedies.

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