Treatment of ADHD using natural remedies

Treatment of ADHD using natural remedies

Article by Corina Jameson

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a medical condition which has broken many families. There are many cases where either the mother or father has to give up their job to look after their ADHD child. But this article is not on the humongous difficulties in looking after kids with ADHD, but on treatment of ADHD using natural remedies.

Science still do not know the real cause of ADHD, which is short for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Some parents and experts do not believe this disorder exists. They are more into the conspiracy theory that giant pharmaceutical firms had ganged up to fleece unsuspecting parents. Then there are parents who do not want to medicate their children even though studies have proven that medication (such as using Ritalin) do work on many ADHD children. This group of parents feels safer if they use natural remedies to treat their children.

But take note that natural remedies do not automatically mean using herbs. This is because the simple act of being supportive can be considered a natural remedy. Being supportive and encouraging can do a world of good for those with ADHD, or even ADD, as it would bolster their self esteem and confidence. Are you aware that children and adults who have ADHD have self-esteem and self confidence problems?

One way of being supportive is to be quick in praising and slow in criticizing. For instance, if the ADHD kid commits a mistake, criticisms should be done in a constructive or positive manner.

All kids go to school, so another natural remedy for the treatment of ADHD is to work very closely with their teachers to ensure that a conducive environment exists for your child to study. Let the teachers know whether your child is on medication or other forms of therapy. But you need to be careful when you liaise with the teachers. Never be too bossy, because you must realize that they (teachers) also have many other kids to teach and look after.

Another natural remedy worth trying is to keep a good eye on the diet. Try to limit the amount of sugar intake as it is related to adrenalin and levels of hyperactivity. There have been some studies done by using the “diet elimination” method in recent years, and the results were generally positive. In using this methodology, the research gradually remove food from the diet over a period of time. Their aim was to find out which food was acting as “trigger factors”. Every time something is removed, the behavior of the child was monitored closely. By using that method, the research was able to identify what food must be removed from the ADHD child’s diet.

The above mentioned methods for treatment of ADHD may looked too simple to be effective, but it’s worth a try. It just may work on your child. In any case they are safe and you have got nothing to lose. The important step now is TAKE ACTION.

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Corina Jameson is a writer and has written on many topics for magazines and newspapers. Her latest work is about ADHD vitamins and ADHD symptoms.

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