Use Effective Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Use Effective Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Article by Dr Andrew Napier

Acid reflux is not caused due to one reason and its frequent occurrence can cause serious damages to esophagus lining, natural remedies can prevent its occurrence by reducing amount of acid formation in the stomach. Acid formation in the stomach is a part of digestion, certain quantity of acid is necessary to break down complex food and digest it but too much acid formation due to intolerable food, stress and other reasons can cause regurgitation of acid in the esophagus. The weakening of sphincter present at the end of esophagus responsible for locking the acid from flowing back to the esophagus also causes acid or heartburn. There are many reasons for this condition to occur in a person however lesser quantity of acid formation can reduce the symptoms of the problem to a large extent and also without slowing down digestion.

There are few good practices which acts as natural remedies and can be adopted for avoiding episodes of acid reflux. Eating small meals in place of two large meals can help the stomach in digesting food without secreting too much acid. Avoiding eating different types of food at one time also helps in smooth digestion, drinking water after 20 minutes of a meal, avoiding too much coffee, tea and sweet drinks or food, taking a mild walk after every meal, avoiding foods those are intolerable or allergic to the digestive system and avoiding medicines on doctor’s advice those promote acid reflux.

Consumption of apple cider vinegar can be an effective natural remedy for acid reflux, apple cider vinegar contains good acids which are supportive to digestion and helps the body in flushing out excess acid quickly to relieve the burning sensation. Half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with half glass of water can sipped along with dinner to avoid acid reflux. Use of ginger in the food or in salad in raw form is very effective in controlling bile secretion and also to strengthen weak sphincter muscles to avoid acid formation and reflux. Ginger is an excellent natural remedy for improving digestion and also has rich anti-oxidant properties to cure the problem.

By consuming natural substances which are good for digestion also helps in avoiding episodes of acid reflux, fennel seeds are good digestion promoting agents and chewing half teaspoon of fennel seeds after meal can help the body in digesting food quickly and without too much acid secretion. Licorice roots are also very good at promoting digestion and controlling acid secretion to provide natural remedy for acid reflux. Chewing some licorice roots after meals or consuming them in tea is good for curing the problem. Drinking cold milk with little amount of sugar, chewing clove and cardamom after meals and during the day and consumption of fruits like banana, watermelon and cucumber are good natural remedies for acid reflux.

Avoiding spicy and greasy foods puts lesser pressure on stomach, wearing tight fitting clothes always, long sitting hours and lying down immediately after the meal causes regurgitation of acid in esophagus and also slows down metabolism to promote the problem of acid reflux, avoiding these can help in reducing frequency of the problem.

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